Virtual Showrooms

An alternative to zoom, an exhibition stand or physical showroom.

Just as a showroom or exhibition stand allows you to exhibit your company, a virtual showroom is ​a digital equivalent that fits the business landscape we face.

When considering how to offer showrooms to our clients we did months of research and countless demonstrations of different types of showrooms. We then created a list of the biggest barriers to entry and prioritised key points that we'd consider as a business should we want to commission a showroom project ourselves. Here's what we found.

We've explored the virtual showroom products available and came up with three major priorities a business would need to consider for a virtual space to become a viable option.

These are user experience, accessibility and price. 


User Experience

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It must just work.

This is top priority. If it doesn't work then what's the point right? Ensuring people know how to interact and use the environment intuitively was the first key component we identified.

If the user cannot use the functionalities of the showroom with ease then there's always going to be a struggle to achieve the goals of the meeting or event. Over complicating the controls to achieve more potential actually seemed to confuse ultimately leading to a poor UX.

Our solution was incredibly straight forward... keep it simple! From entering the virtual showroom to engaging with others in the same area - everything is kept simple. The environment works much like a physical premises would hence the space is highly intuitive and often requires little to no coaching.


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Mobile, Desktop and VR Headset

This was one of the key barriers that would clearly need addressing following our research. Really quite simply because if you don't have the right equipment to access the showroom... you won't be able to access the showroom. Even mailing VR headsets to clients presents a huge logistical and pricing challenge.

That's why we ensured our showrooms can be accessed through as many devices as possible this now includes; mobile phones, desktop and VR headsets. On all these devices the controls are simple, the user experience is smooth and the key functions of the meeting or event are obtained.


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Viability is Important

Traditionally virtual showrooms are extremely expensive. This is because normally the client is forced to fund a software development team that builds all the functionalities and complexities of a showroom experience.

Our showrooms functionality and architecture is already built, ready for each of our customers hence removing the requirement for expensive software development teams to work on each individual project. In fact, we went even further than minimizing this cost, we waved goodbye to it completely. For our premium showrooms there's no upfront development costs what so ever, making it the most cost effective virtual environment that we know of.


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Digital alternative to exhibiting.

This is very much an alternative to a physical showroom or exhibition stand that's accessible internationally 24/7 and digitally exhibits your company.

The major use for these environments is to pitch clients whilst communicating brand as these spaces create engaging experiences that stand out from the regular zoom or teams meeting.

These virtual showrooms are genuinely social. The capacity to have multiple users in the room at the same time enables a company to hold events such as networking, product launches or conferences should they wish to.

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How much does a showroom cost?

We've worked hard to reduce the price barrier for as many businesses as possible. These types of projects have previously been tens of thousands of pounds just to develop. Our showrooms are accessible to small and medium sized businesses with no upfront development costs, unlimited usage time and includes 5 hours of content design time each month.

Who can visit my showroom?

Anyone you'd like! Just send them a link and they'll be able to visit. This includes people visiting through mobile, desktop or VR. They could be guided by a member of your team or they could be unguided and roam freely to experience the showroom themselves.

How do I book a tour?

Go to "Book a Tour" and we'll show you around one of our past projects. We're happy to show you around whether it's just from intrigue or if you're looking for your own company environment.

How can I use my showroom?

This is completely up to you. We recommend having a single focus for your showroom as we'll work with you to ensure that user journey is designed for that specific purpose.

Having said this you could use it for client pitches, internal meetings, casual social breaks or event networking events and product launches.

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