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Hosted by Ben Taylor, this weekly broadcast discusses technology in different verticals from the tech industry and explores how they're impacting the yachting sector. Ben has interviewed leading experts from around the world including; Monaco, London and New York.

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About YIR

As the name suggests the YIR target market is anyone in yachting from crew to owners, and on-shore support. It's everyone who's anything to do with the Yachting or Boating market Internationally.

Yachting International Radio is a Multi Media Platform. We are on LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Facebook (Including a Facebook Radio Player Tab) and Twitter.



Interview with Rumble Romagnoli

This episode of Flagship Digital Insights welcomed Rumble Romagnoli, the CEO at Relevance Digital, a marketing agency based in Monaco with offices internationally. As specialists in targeting High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs) the episode dives into what marketing strategies appeal to this highly sought after clientele.


New York

Interview with Becca Eisenberg

Becca is the founder of ex.plo.re, a business tool for yacht brokers. The interview explored how you can move your business online and best serve your clients. As many brokers could not  meet with their clients this was some technology to continue developing business without the need to meet in person.



Interview with Art Hill

As an international partner of Taylor Digital, Art was one of the first guests on the show. Based in Florida and working with marine organisation Art provided solid insight into moving to digital systems and where companies could begin in their digital transformation journey.