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Prospecting without Boat Shows

Flagship Digital marketing have formed a partnership with Jill Chitty Ltd, an expert service that allows companies to reach their full potential on LinkedIn, the professional social networking platform.

The partnership intends to improve the availability of specialist LinkedIn guidance to the maritime industry.

The synergy is a result of a shared vision; conducting business digitally will be a clear and powerful solution to the problems marine businesses are facing.

Ben Taylor, Founder at Flagship Digital Marketing said, "We've formed this partnership to enable marine businesses to carry on developing connections and conducting business wherever possible. This is already proving important at ta time where face-to-face networking cannot take place."

Jill Chitty, Director at Jill Chitty Ltd said, "At a time when competition is fierce, and the circumstances unparalleled, businesses must have more than merely a presence on LinkedIn if they want to tap into the huge opportunities there. If they fail to create a powerful presence digitally on LinkedIn, they leave themselves wide open to be bypassed onto a competitor."

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