• Ben Taylor

Digital Payments Customer Journey

Total Processing modernises the way businesses receive payments through streamlining the system internally as well as the customer experience. It's applicable to all card payments and particularly powerful for one-click payments and recurring payments.

The difficult times maritime companies are facing has put a spotlight on saving companies' money whilst also improving the digital customer journey.

At Flagship our value proposition is to optimise the digital customer journey for marine businesses. Payments is a significant part of the customer journey that is often overlooked. Through this partnership we now have the ability to offer our clients an optimal ‘payment journey’ too.

It's frustrating to see maritime companies failing to move to modern payment methods and their digital customer journey suffering as a result. It never fails to amaze me that some companies are still only being paid through cash, check or bank transfer. If nothing else, the ongoing work to administrate all that is insanity when you have great technologies available that automate the process.

A payment journey should be considered a barrier to entry, by lowering this barrier you make it easier for customers to pay you. The result is that the process takes place more often, it's that simple.

If we look at the bigger picture, how payments are received has evolved from cash to credit card and now mobile phones with systems like Apple Pay. This clearly presents a case for the ease of payment being king. At this point anything more than a single click is a bit annoying and soon even that will become history.

We’re under no doubt the ‘payment journey’ is an influential factor for consumers’ purchase decisions, even if it is subconscious.

These are the reasons why we see great value in this partnership and offering Total Processing's payment solutions to Flagship clients.

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