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AI Technology that inspired us to Partner

There’s two things driving change within digital at the moment; an increasing movement towards automation and a movement towards real time personalisation. These elements have been drivers for a while but they’re coming to the forefront now.

It’s for these reasons Flagship have partnered with PureClarity. To increase the availability of this technology to the marine industry.

We’re going to dive into more technical details about our new partners at PureClarity, covering the basics of why it’s powerful technology, where’s it’s applicable and then we’ll go into the AI capabilities.

Much of this content is extracted directly from client facing demonstrations to give you the most authentic and informative content we can. More information on PureClarity can be found at

Why would you use PureClarity’s technology?

“The only reason PureClarity exists is provide a relevant and engaging online shopping experience, increase online conversion,revenue and customer spend on your website it’s as simple as that. There are all these great features but ultimately, this is why our clients come to us.”

It’s that simple.

Which marine businesses can leverage this personalisation tech?

The ‘no-brainer’ application of this technology is for e-commerce platforms with cross-selling and up-selling capabilities. This is not it’s limitation though, a conversion of any description can be defined as a key metric hence the technology will then optimise the journey for increases in that specific action.

“So, brokerages often run a lot of ads to drive traffic to specifically built landing pages, and though they're not going to convert and process, a $2 million boat or $3 million boat from a checkout on website. It does produce a key metric and that’s all we need. We can optimise any trackable key metric.

That’s how this tech applies to websites outside of straight forward e-commerce.”

The statistics speak for themselves, when there’s 26.6% average increase in revenue due to sales that are directly linked to the performance of the technology the value that PureClarity brings is huge.

What is the tech doing?

So, here’s where it all starts to make sense.

“The vast majority of customers that we talk to found that if a website isn't tailored to them and if they don't feel like they're getting a tailored experience, they get frustrated. This has a negative impact on their purchase decisions.”

PureClarity tracks website behaviour and accumulates a ‘big data collection’. With this, the AI tech can optimise the digital journey. In English this means, placing the most relevant products, offers, promotions and imagery in front of the most relevant customers hence a personalised experience on an individual level. It’s the “people also bought”, the “we think you will love these”and the “people also looked at” sections where the magic happens.

“There’s plenty of data being collected from websites now, the issue arises when there’s too much for humans to process and take action on. That’s where the AI wins.”

Applying this at scale is where it becomes extremely powerful, in short, the more data that’s accumulated, the better the performance becomes. There is however great news for businesses who don’t have large amounts of data. PureClarity offers a ‘cold start’ package that works exceptionally well with small data volumes still providing relevant and personalised recommendations.

Not only does the AI get to work from day one but PureClarity offers an enriched level of personalisation which allows

you to overlay the AI with personalised marketing campaigns and banners which are relevant for each customer.

PureClarity offers a wide range of features which allows SMEs to personalise their online search, email, provide popups, provide relevant product recommendations, create customer segments and provide fantastic insight and analytics into your customer behaviours and campaign performance.

Let’s address the elephant in the room… Expense.

Traditionally, this type of tech is very expensive. Often, you’re looking at the sort of thousand pounds plus (£1000+) per month. With PureClarity it starts at £299, this way the numbers work for SME’s too.

What would integration look like?

“What we do is we ask the customer to download the plugin. Then once they've done that we give them a call to walk them through the implementation because although it's pretty straightforward, if they have some customisation on the site needed in terms of placing their PureClarity zones, we get them up and running within a couple of days and the AI gets to work straight away”.

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