If you can dream it - we'll build it.

Our 3D digital workspaces provide a uniform professional environment in which a team can present, collaborate and socialise.



This is a little demonstration of our own 3D digital workplace for 3D Online. Of course, this shows off exactly what we do. I'm going to take you through a few features explaining what they do whilst we go along.

So, you simply have a URL that's accessible on mobile, desktop or VR. Once you're online, you can walk around the whole space as you please.

This is all about accommodating for the hybrid workspace solutions many companies are opting for. After all, it is an optimum solution provided you have the digital tools to address some challenges. So this space is for collaborating. I can show clients around or meet internally with team members.

By having a space like this you have a uniform office that avoids the intrusion of your team members homes. The last thing you want is to be staring into someone's bedroom or kitchen whilst pitching an important client.

To give you an idea of some of the features. To share media there's a screenshare function, it's very useful. There's also a webcam share, you can put that onto the screen so that you can humise yourself and present as you would over platforms like teams and zoom... only you're in your 3D office space!

This is all about having a productive digital space but it's also beneficial for employee well-being. These environments are as social as possible. Meaning your team members can continue feeling part of a team, they can relax and socialise in the space and genuinely enjoy a digital workspace.

So this is what we do, we create spaces in the metaverse. There's various designs to choose from or we can custom build a space to your specifications. 



This is one of our meeting room spaces.

It's really accessible in terms of the devices that it requires so you can access through a mobile, on desktop or VR headset. Essentially this is a space where users can talk to each other, you can easily get five or six people in here, you could get more.

All of our spaces include screen-share areas which double up as a webcam share. You just share screen, then drag it onto a pre-determined media frame on the wall. Then you're ready to present.

This space is all about pitching effectively and productively. It's also popular as it improves the mental well-being of the team. As this provides a clear workspace environment, so team members aren't forced to share video streams of their bedroom, kitchen or wherever they may be presenting from when working remotely. The last thing people want to do is feel invaded in their private homes.



Ok, so, here we go, this is cool. We call this the innovation creation. This looks like a really simple design but there's plenty of smart features which makes this really useful for remote collaboration.

So firstly, the boxes around the room can be filled with content, either for sponsorship space or content relating to your company's product and services. Of course, as well, there's a logo in the centre that actually follows you around as you move throughout the space.

This space can be used for a multi-user presentation. The back wall has a media frame which can be used for screen-shares and webcam shares. This is the power of having a digital workspace, you can present in a professional and uniform environment to anyone in the world with your whole team there or simply just one-on-one.



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