3D Showrooms for Art Exhibitions

Exhibit art online in a 3D showroom.

Showing the art work is one thing. Experiencing it is another. In our art gallery showrooms you can interact with 3D models or 2D images of art work. If you're selling art work, you can also be online with your clients and take them on a tour.

Art Gallery V2 - 2.jpeg

2D or 3D Art

We can add 2D images of art work or import 3D models of art work in our showroom environments. The visitors can then walk around the whole piece as they please.


Guided Tours

We design our art gallery projects around the ability to sell the art work.

So, in our showrooms your sales team are able to guide visitors around each piece and address any questions prospects may have, in real time, over verbal communication between the avatars.

Art Gallery V2 - 11.jpeg
Art Gallery V2 - 10.jpeg


You want an art pitch to be memorable.

You can experience our art gallery showrooms on mobile, desktop or VR, making them incredibly immersive.


Request a Demo

We'll organise a demo of our 3D websites. You'll be online with Ben, who can show you what we can do and gain an understanding of what you'd like to create.

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