3D Showrooms for Luxury Products

This is how to be unique online.

Bridge the gap between the online and in-person shopping experience by engaging with clients in a 3D environment where you can socialise, give guided tours and address any concerns a client may have.

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This will make your digital customer journey unique.

Having a 3D showroom that your customers can visit alone or with friends is a game changer. You can also have your sales team in the showroom to tour visitors around and interact with.



People share our showrooms.

Our 3D showrooms allow a multi-user experience. Nothing beats organically shared content to market a product or brand.

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You can be social in our showrooms.

Each user has an avatar so your sales team can be online with your visitors and speak with them verbally. In fact, they can give tours, answer questions and navigate like they're walking a stand at a trade show.


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