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Our international partnership network extends the reach of Taylor Digital to marine-based businesses around the world. This network is an army of specialists in niche sectors of the industry that broaden our reputability and influence.


Florida, USA

Now offering Flagship Software Tools to clients.

Rogue helps marine businesses gain clarity on their brand and marketing plans by delivering clear, creative, digital marketing solutions that elevates their brand and crushes their competition.

Rogue Marine helps clients strategically navigate & execute website design, email marketing, paid social media, and event marketing management. We believe that digital marketing is a lot like fishing tournaments, it takes a unified team all working towards the same goal, a formulated strategy, technical know-how, and most of all an undeniable thirst to tell a damn good story.


Zadar, Croatia

Now offering Flagship software tools to clients.

The primary purpose of our story is helping yacht charter companies with their online presence.

We assist yacht charter companies in digital marketing activities. We offer a unique service for small and medium-sized yacht charter companies that do not have enough time or knowledge for that part of the job in their day-to-day business.

Zona Plus covers; SEO writing, digital content optimisation, social media profiles and managing yacht charter company's online reputation.


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I had the opportunity to meet Ben during the lockdown and I am really happy that our connection here on LinkedIn has resulted in business collaboration. I really like Ben’s thinking about improving business processes in the yachting industry by embracing the power of digital technology. I share his enthusiasm for raising business in this niche to a higher level. Ben's competencies and, above all, his open approach and support are a guarantee of success. It is a pleasure to work with Ben and he earns my highest recommendations.

Selma Čmelik - CEO at Zona Plus