Private rooms and fully customised projects.

We design spaces that are for general use, where you can meet, present and socialise. We also create customised spaces, branded with your company log and content.

We've created projects for start-ups going through investment rounds. One example is the Cannabrew showroom, which was used for a £1 million valuation crowd-funding round. Cannabrew were successfully able to raise £200,000 which was well over their initial goal. They've since pitched supermarkets and global clients in the space.

Some of our spaces are more general and provide a professional online workspace that your whole team can access. These still remain private but are from our inventory of designs.

Showroom example 4 (1).jpg


Used for pitching investors and prospective clients. We designed this space for CBD beer start-up, Cannabrew.



Used to sell digital artwork. This space is used to tour private clients and display the works of digital artists publicly. There's also a presentation area for more in-depth guided-tours.

Art Gallery V2 - 12.jpeg
Screen Shot 2021-02-24 at 12.52.jpeg


Used as a sales tool for brokers, this custom designed metaverse space is used for touring prospective buyers of yachts. Each pier has the manufacturer's range of models, there's also a presentation area for the broker to upload local image files even from a mobile device.



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3D Online provides fully serviced digital workspaces for collaboration, creativity, and improving workplace wellbeing.

Workplaces are evolving, a hybrid workspace has been found to be an optimum for productivity and overall wellbeing of your team.

We provide a 3D digital workspace for your online collaboration. Whether that's internal meetings that require creative thinking or international business meetings that you'd like to leave a lasting  impression. We level up your online meetings by providing a uniform, non-invasive, branded online space for your team to access 24/7 anywhere in the world.