Marine Marketing Projects

Marketing technology companies to marine organisations forms our core business. We've worked with a range of tech companies in different verticals including; Fintech, data processing and management, marketing automation, website personalisation.


Total Processing

Fintech - Payment Gateway Solution

We rapidly identified the most commercial use cases for this solution within the marine leisure and yachting sectors. We were then able to hone our marketing efforts to ideal clients. This developed into direct campaigns to target demonstrations of their software product. We're now exploring multi-million pound use cases for the industry and continue to work closely with Total Processing throughout the sales and marketing process.


Data - Processing & Management Platform

As so many verticals could potentially leverage this data processing & management platform this begun with identifying the most commercial prospects we could target. We're now exploring a world-wide project with over 300 marinas involved and continue to find further use cases for this technology.

Pure Clarity

AI - Website Personalisation

This was a focussed marketing effort from the beginning. This company had an obvious and clear target client profile so this was largely sales focussed with a direct out-reach strategy being the main focus. We were able to provide huge value by having an already existing network of contacts that fit the ideal client profile. We've also participated in a focus group which will direct their future focus as a growing tech company.

Force 24

Marketing Automation

This is an award winning marketing automation company who partnered to expand their presence into marine as they saw obvious use cases that were comparable to their existing client base. Through existing connections and light social media marketing we've brought Force24 prospects from the international marine industry including charter companies and manufacturers based in the UK, Europe and USA.


I had the opportunity to meet Ben during the lockdown and I am really happy that our connection here on LinkedIn has resulted in business collaboration. I really like Ben’s thinking about improving business processes in the yachting industry by embracing the power of digital technology. I share his enthusiasm for raising business in this niche to a higher level. Ben's competencies and, above all, his open approach and support are a guarantee of success. It is a pleasure to work with Ben and he earns my highest recommendations.

Selma Čmelik - CEO at Zona Plus

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