3D Showrooms for the CBD Industry

Stand out as a CBD vendor with a 3D showroom that shows your values.

Having a virtual showroom allows you to present your value in a social online environment. Allowing prospects to visit as they please or you can conduct tours with your sales team.

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Stand Out

Appeal to a generation of online consumers that want to understand your mission, your purpose and what's special about your company.


Be Social

When visiting our showrooms you'll have an avatar that can freely walk around in the environment. Meaning you can engage with your visitors and have your sales team talk with them immediately.

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Equip your sales team with a tool that will increase sales through a better customer journey.

Using a 3D showroom achieves a high level of engagement from your prospects making it easier for your sales force to convert prospects into revenue.


Request a Demo

We'll organise a demo of our 3D websites. You'll be online with Ben, who can show you what we can do and gain an understanding of what you'd like to create.

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