Ben's first book Pivot & Grow; The Essential Guide To Business Success. Was launched in October 2020 and reached #1 Amazon Best-Selling status in the US, #3 in the UK and Top 50 in multiple other nations.

In the book Ben Taylor, founder of Taylor Digital provides his highest value thoughts on marketing strategies during the pandemic. He examines a range of strategies marine organisations used as boat shows were cancelled and in-person events stopped taking place.

This mainly consisted of a comparison between long-term and short-term strategies. As a tech expert he also projected his thoughts on what opportunities technology will present to marketers, as advancements begin to accommodate for the new business landscape we face.


“Truly embrace the opportunity we all have. Evaluate, strategize and execute.”

Ben Taylor - Pivot & Grow: The Essential Guide To Business Success.

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The Essential Guide To Business Success.

20 successful international entrepreneurs share their current best-thinking, strategies and insights to pivot and grow and a sustainable, profitable entrepreneurial business especially in challenging times..

Editor: Andrew Priestley

This is an extraordinary volume packed with frontline experience, insight and value for anyone wanting to pivot and grow their business.

Topics include: Pivot, grow and scale, Problem solving, Financial director insights, Branding and positioning, Scenario planning, Mission, Vision and values
Tendering, Online Business Events, Niching, AI, Managing change and change canvas strategies, Sales, Opportunity Audits, Normalising challenges and much more...

This is an exceptional resource and essential guide for entrepreneurs.


I had the opportunity to meet Ben during the lockdown and I am really happy that our connection here on LinkedIn has resulted in business collaboration. I really like Ben’s thinking about improving business processes in the yachting industry by embracing the power of digital technology. I share his enthusiasm for raising business in this niche to a higher level. Ben's competencies and, above all, his open approach and support are a guarantee of success. It is a pleasure to work with Ben and he earns my highest recommendations.

Selma Čmelik - CEO at Zona Plus