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Well Connected

Ben is a proud member of British Marine and Superyacht UK.  He's also proud of his network of connections and collaborators across the world in the marine and technology space.

People Person

In a niche industry like marine, everyone knows everyone. His extended network is no co-incidence and is the result of his social nature that works for him at international boat shows and tech conferences alike.

Public Speaker

Ben has presented innovative talks on topics around social media, digital innovations and digital transformations at expos and trade shows.


Tech Entrepreneur & Specialist

Ben is the core of each of his companies, his expertise, strategies and ability to think outside of the box makes his organisations unique.

He is positioned as an advisor and guide on the topic of technology to many marine organisations across the globe and has a consultancy service providing custom-built payment gateway solutions.

Ben is a free-diver and wakeboarder as well as a pianist, author and keen entrepreneur.

With 3D Online, Ben is creating unique online experiences often used on e-commerce platforms and virtual events.

Proud member of British Marine
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I had the opportunity to meet Ben during the lockdown and I am really happy that our connection here on LinkedIn has resulted in business collaboration. I really like Ben’s thinking about improving business processes in the yachting industry by embracing the power of digital technology. I share his enthusiasm for raising business in this niche to a higher level. Ben's competencies and, above all, his open approach and support are a guarantee of success. It is a pleasure to work with Ben and he earns my highest recommendations.

Selma Čmelik - CEO at Zona Plus