IN 3D.

How to make your webinar unique.

This is a 3D webinar platform you can use to present conferences, lectures, workshops and webinars from.

Webinars give you the opportunity to teach and help your audience understand your product. This is why it's so valuable, a 3D webinar will equip you with the unique element that gets an audience to your webinar as well as deliver an outstanding experience everyone will talk about and share.

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A 3D cinema where people walk in and take their seat. This is a new level of engagement from your audience. They'll be completely immersed in your presentation. Sure enough, this will be so engaging they'll want to share their experience too.



Here's a webinar you'll actually remember, this is an experience you'll want to share. The presenter will be on stage as an avatar and/or be shown via a mixed-reality webcam on the cinema screen. You just take your seat, sit back and relax in 3D.

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Throughout the experience you'll have access to a chat box feature which the audience and the presenter can see. You'll also be able to chat with others in the audience via social audio (by speaking to them verbally), if the organiser wishes to enable this feature as it enables open conversation following the presentation.



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