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Virtual HQ

A 3D Social space that exhibits
what we do.


Digital Workspaces For Collaboration & Well-being.

3D Online provides fully serviced digital workspaces for collaboration, creativity, and improving workplace wellbeing.

Workplaces are evolving, a hybrid workspace has been found to be an optimum for productivity and overall wellbeing of your team.

We provide a 3D digital workspace for your online collaboration. Whether that's internal meetings that require creative thinking or international business meetings that you'd like to leave a lasting  impression. We level up your online meetings by providing a uniform, non-invasive, branded online space for your team to access 24/7 anywhere in the world.

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Professional Environment

It's important your company has a consistent professional image. That means online as well as in-person. Stop having your team's bedrooms and kitchens in meetings. Maintain your professional image with a purpose built space that's uniform across your organisation.


Co-Creative Workspace

Our spaces level up your digital workspace. They improve creative thinking by interacting with each other in a 3D collaborative space.

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For Hybrid-Working

Your physical office space provides a productive work environment where people feel involved, engaged and most importantly part of a team. That's very difficult to achieve with remote working. Our spaces ensure that all feel involved, engaged and can socially interact with the team as and when they wish.


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We'll organise a demo of our 3D websites. You'll be online with Ben, who can show you what we can do and gain an understanding of what you'd like to create.

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