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“Truly embrace the opportunity we all have. Evaluate, strategise and execute.”

Ben Taylor - Pivot & Grow: The Essential Guide To Business Success.

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Market to Marine

We are a digital marketing agency specialising in targeting marine organisations. We understand the marine industry and how it operates. We have the important connections, established marketing channels and in-depth market intelligence allowing you to penetrate or expand your presence in the marine sector.

As your partners we provide niche knowledge and marketing opportunities to attract marine organisations. We get you in front of prospects in the marine industry. Positioning your company ready to pitch and ultimately get results.

Become part of the international community that forms Taylor Digital including partners in; Manchester UK, Florida USA and Zadar Croatia.


Ben Taylor

Ben leads all projects at Taylor Digital. His expertise and connection with the industry proves invaluable to clients.

Ben's​ book Pivot&Grow was released in 2020 and became an Amazon International best seller reaching #1 in the US and #3 in the UK. He also hosts the radio show "Flagship Digital Insights" on Yachting International Radio.

Proud member of British Marine
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I had the opportunity to meet Ben during the lockdown and I am really happy that our connection here on LinkedIn has resulted in business collaboration. I really like Ben’s thinking about improving business processes in the yachting industry by embracing the power of digital technology. I share his enthusiasm for raising business in this niche to a higher level. Ben's competencies and, above all, his open approach and support are a guarantee of success. It is a pleasure to work with Ben and he earns my highest recommendations.

Selma Čmelik - CEO at Zona Plus

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