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“Truly embrace the opportunity we all have. Evaluate, strategize and execute.”

Ben Taylor - Pivot & Grow: The Essential Guide To Business Success.

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Ben Taylor is a digital marketing and business development specialist consultant for the marine leisure and superyacht industries. Ben's niche expertise allows him to design impactful strategies that suit your unique business requirements.

Ben forms ideas and strategies to then bring to fruition. The cornerstones of the business lie in providing huge value to clients, opening new methodologies and ultimately having a positive impact on the marketing and business development capabilities of his clients.


Ben Taylor

Ben leads all projects at Taylor Digital. His expertise and connection with the industry proves invaluable to clients.

Ben's​ book Pivot&Grow was released in 2020 and became an Amazon International best seller reaching #1 in the US and #3 in the UK. He also hosts the radio show "Flagship Digital Insights" on Yachting International Radio.

Proud member of British Marine
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Ben moderated two digital conferences at the Balearic Yacht Show 2020 which was entirely virtual. I was consistently impressed with the level of professionalism, organization and the general mentality to over-deliver on the scope of projects. One element of particular note was his personable marketing videos voluntarily offered to promote the event. Fantastic to work with, I highly recommend Ben.

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